HER Clinic

In keeping up with our vision of treating our patients holistically,  the Sibaya Sempilo HERClinic caters exclusively for female patients and offers the following medical services: 

1. Family Planning 

Services in which a counselling session and examination is conducted before a contraceptive method is initiated.
With return visits, administration  of chosen contraceptive and short examination is done. 

2. Medical screening tests

Our medical screening tests include Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Blood sugar, Body Mass Index, Hormones, Bone Density & Pap Smears.

3. Pre-Conception Counselling and Screening

A planned pregnancy is a healthy one. It is advisable to have a contact with your medical practitioner at least a year before the date of planned conception so that any medical conditions can be detected early and managed. If you have any chronic conditions or on medication that may need to be changed, intervention, this way is taken sooner.

At this visit, history taking, examination, blood tests will be done  to exclude any illnesses.

It is recommended that your partner accompanies you, especially if you are battling to conceive.

4. Baby Sonar

As soon as pregnancy has been confirmed, one has to have her "booking visit" to revisit her medical , surgical and obstetric history.
Physical examination, Antenatal screening blood tests and a Baby Scan also need to be done.
An ante-natal card to keep your pregnancy information is issued
At least once a month, for the duration of the pregnancy, unless otherwise recommended, it is advisable to attend your checkup visits, to assess you and your baby’s wellbeing.
At each visit the pregnant mother will also get  supplements which assist to maintain the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, and ensure proper growth and development of the baby.
We recommend you have follow up baby scans every trimester (unless otherwise advised).

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