General Health

 Your consultation is conducted using the  S.O.A.P mnemonic.

On initial contact, the doctor will ask about your complaints, duration thereof, medical and surgical history, together with any treatment you might be on at that moment. This is Subjective information. A physical examination and relevant side room tests are done based on the subjective information gathered. This is Objective information. 

An Assessment is then done and further tests ordered if necessary, based on the differential diagnosis. A treatment Plan will be explained to you and treatment dispensed by the doctor or nurse treating you.

If your symptoms have not responded to the treatment , we recommend that you return for review within seven days, at no extra cost to you, so that we can investigate further or refer you to a specialist if necessary. 

HER Clinic
Services from the Sibaya Sempilo HER clinic include: Family Planning, Medical screening tests such as Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Blood sugar, Body Mass Index, Hormones ect., Pre-Conception Counselling and Screening, Baby Sonar. Click here for more information

The WellMan Clinic offers assistance primarily with male sexual health. Read More

Weight Management

For more information on any of these services or to find out what more we have to offer, please contact us, or read our frequently asked questions.

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