The Sibaya Sempilo WELLMAN CLINIC deals exclusively with male sexual health.

During my residency work at the Frere Hospital Urology clinic, and consultancy work at the Men’s Clinic International, I discovered that the presenting complaints males report,  for example Erection problems, Early Ejaculation, Low sex drive, Poor urine flow, "Drop" etc, have an underlying, more life threatening cause like Diabetes, Hypertension, Prostate Cancer,  Smoking, Sedentary lifestyles, Unhealthy diet and other risk behavioural patterns that can also lead to HIV/AIDS.

The irony is, a large number of us will visit the doctor’s rooms only when we are  feeling sick, for example: cough,  headache, injury etc.

At Sibaya Sempilo we usually encourage everyone to have a medical checkup at least once a year (around your birthday), especially if you don't consider yourself a sickly person. 
Moreover, we as males are  usually concerned with correcting that specific problem, rather than doing tedious investigations and confronting the underlying cause.

We, at Sibaya Sempilo, have always made it a priority to educate about these causes to broaden insight towards sexuality.

More than fifty percent of complainants  are fairly healthy, and have psychological causes ranging from Depression to Performance related anxiety, and they have lost their confidence in gratifying their partner by the time of consultation. These are just some of the factors that inspired the WellMan Clinic which is currently one of our busiest departments at Sibaya Sempilo.

Treatment options range from oral tablets to  intracarvenosal injections, depending on the outcome of the physical exam and investigations we conduct.
We also assist with pre-circumcision exam, and hope that in the near future we will be more hands on in curbing  the Traditional circumcision deaths we see yearly in the Eastern Cape.

We are currently based in East London. We do deliver medication per order to the surrounding areas.                                                 

It is strongly advised you set up an appointment beforehand to save yourself from waiting longer than necessary to see the Doctor.

The initial consultation fee is R500.00 and covers medication.
Medical aid accepted for consultation.
Medication strictly CASH & CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS.

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