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Sibaya Sempilo has always been a dream from childhood for resident Dr Bungi Sibaya.
“Growing up in the rural former Transkei, one could witness and experience the difficulty to gain access just to the basics of health services. Not to mention finding a Doctor that could fluently speak your language and understand your background. Even more difficult, to engage and communicate with a doctor who would be able to pinpoint and tackle the causative factors of your presenting ailments rather than focusing on just the symptoms you may get the unlikely opportunity to share in detail with him”, Dr Sibaya recalls.

“It was rather too common, for the community to opt for traditional healers and, or spiritual diviners instead, as there was always curiosity among the sick and carers as to what may have caused a particular disease or even untimely and unexpected departure,” he adds.

Dr. Bungi Sibaya was fortunate enough to study and qualify for his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Transkei Medical School (now known as Walter Sisulu University WSU), where they pride themselves in tackling these issues with their Community Based Education and Problem Based Learning.

He then had the opportunity to be employed in both public and private sectors, where he now could compare and identify exactly where to improve and make private health care accessible and user friendly to the majority.

In the year 2007, Sibaya Sempilo Health Centre was born and has been growing since then from strength to strength.

Challenges are an essential aspect of human development and we have had our fair share as it is in any establishment. We learnt that one of the important things to do is to pray, triumph over the challenges and learn from them. We believe one needs to better oneself rather than to wish for, and get comfortable with easier tasks. Each and every challenge we will still come across to date is meant for nothing else but strengthen us.

We look at Sibaya Sempilo as a brand, and brands do need to be different just as the individuals we serve are. Our main focus is building and nurturing a brand that you, our clients will identify with and keep improving it. This we ensure by active participation in Continued Professional Development activities to keep abreast with current issues affecting the medical fraternity.

Please do get in-touch with us and suggest what we can do in light of making your life a little better.

We are currently based in East London, under the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality region in the Eastern Cape. We also want to make mention that we have an aim of making Sibaya Sempilo a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all your medical and well-being needs in the next few years, and expanding it, so as to reach our loyal clients that travel from afar to visit us.


PRACTICE NO. 0219223

Mondays to Fridays: 9am – 5pm
Saturdays: By Appointment Only
Sundays & P/Holidays: Closed

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